MISS & TEEN: Assemble Your Paperwork (Fact Sheet, Community Service Initiative & Photo)
Your paperwork will be the first thing the judges see before they meet you in the interview. Your Fact Sheet should showcase your education, personality, accomplishments and what makes you unique. Your Community Service Initiative is an essay about why you chose your initiative; why your initiative is relevant; and what you intend to do or what you have done to advocate your initiative. Remember, choose a community service initiative you are passionate about.

MISS & TEEN: Choose Your Community Service Initiative 
The Community Service Initiative (CSI) is a cause for which you will advocate during your year. Examples can be: heart disease, breast cancer; anti-bullying; advocacy for the arts; healthy eating, etc.

​The best CSI is one you have personal connection with and are passionate about. You should be able to speak on the subject if asked.

MISS & TEEN: Prepare A 90-Second Performance Talent/HERStory
The talent/HERStory competition is like “A Talent Show” or ‘TED Talk’ you have been part of in school or for women and is a hallmark of the Miss America competition. You have 1 minute and 30 seconds to entertain the judges. You can sing, dance, play an instrument, recite a monologue, spoken word, demonstrate a skill (yoga, painting, baton twirling) or even conduct a science experiment! The key is that it should be entertaining!

MISS & TEEN: Prepare For Your Judges Interview
You will have a 10-minute interview with the judges, of which includes a 30 second CSI pitch at the beginning and the last 30 seconds you may give a prepared (not memorized) closing statement. What is the best way to prepare for this? Be able to share the ‘Why” for everything you shared on your paperwork! Practice answering questions with family and friends. For keeping up on current events, I recommend which is an online news service providing an overview of current political issues. Have conversations with friends and family so you are able to articulate your views. Don’t answer questions based on what you think the judges want to hear. They are there to get to know you, so show them your heart! The most important thing to know about the interview is to BE YOURSELF.

MISS & TEEN: Wardrobe: Opening Number outfit, Interview Outfit, Eveningwear, and Talent
What you wear should fit you well and enhance your confidence on and off stage. You do not have to spend a lot. The MSF Team has a wardrobe resource closet that you can check out! There is nothing wrong with wearing something barrowed or that you have worn before. Remember that you are competing to win scholarship money, and you don’t want to spend more than you can win.

MISS & TEEN: Health & Fitness
You will present yourself in fitness wear (selection options to be provide by MSF) in a pre-blocked stage pattern that will not exceed 20-30 seconds per contestant. Overall First impression of a Dynamic Presence, Radiates
Health, High Energy, Engaging Vitality and a Sense of Confidence.